Kitchen Trick // Hardboiled Eggs

My family eats hardboiled eggs a lot. Peeling them can be really challenging sometimes as the egg sticks to the shell. So frustrating! A friend told us about a way to make it all much easier: using a jar.

You can use any jar you want. This is an old jelly jar. Every so often you have to get a new jar because the lid starts rusting.

Drop the egg in the jar and put some water in it. I tend to put enough water that it is just to the top of the egg. Some of my family does more or less. The amount of water doesn't seem to matter.

Shake the jar back and forth a few times. Then, dump the egg into your hand and the water out. (Obviously, do this over the sink :) You have a nicely cracked shell.

Start peeling. It should be significantly easier then you might have experienced before. 

Voila! A nicely peeled egg! This method isn't foolproof. We've still had the occasional rogue egg that was difficult, but the majority of the time, this makes peeling eggs a much easier task. 


  1. Great idea! The trick that works for me is boiling the water *before* adding the uncooked eggs. (I lower the eggs into the boiling water with a slotted spoon.) Boil for 10 minutes, then transfer the eggs to a bath of ice water. My life has been much easier since I learned this! ;-)


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