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Week 1

My brothers started school this week, so my fall schedule started as well. Since Labor Day was Monday, the week was a bit shorter, but it went well. Things went smoothly and I'm liking the photography course I'm taking. The instructor is a good lecturer. 

I'm pretty excited for this schedule because it's going to allow force me to do things that I otherwise would put off until "one day". I have scheduled in writing, video editing, and sewing to my weeks, as well as learning some things that are just things I'm interested in, not things I "need" to know. I have figured out that if I don't schedule things like this, they'll probably never happen. (Because I'm an Obliger). 

Fresh starts, clean slates; I enjoy beginning things. Week 1 was almost fun for me and it's a great way to head into a new school year. Starting off on a high note makes it easier to continue the new habits I'm trying to implement. It's easier to want to co…

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