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Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard // Revell Reads Review

While photographing the Grand Tetons, Harper Reynolds unwittingly captures a murder on film. But when she loses the camera fleeing the scene, can she and rancher Heath McKade find the camera and solve the murder before the killer makes her his next victim?

My Review
Harper Reynolds has returned to her childhood home of Wyoming. A crime scene photographer, she has seen too much and needs a break. Her sister is traveling with her and they are enjoying a peaceful year. Then one day, Harper sees something she shouldn't have and now it's a race to solve a crime before the criminal takes her out.

The last book was genealogy and this one is photography. Both have connection to me, so I think that is super fun. I liked that the characters had a past connection and how they had helped each other through tragedies as children. They had so much baggage though, more so than most characters do, I think.

Goddard did a great job making you wonder about suspects. I kind of wish Austin and W…

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