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A Tale of Two Books

I have a humorous situation going on that I thought might amuse you as well. I'm going to write it out somewhat like a story.

    Sarah loves to read. She loves to recommend and loan books to others almost as much. Introducing younger kids to great books makes her very happy. She started loaning books to her friends Noah and Natalie. 
    One particular series, they returned in parts. Books one, two, and three came back first. Then, through various goofs, the last two books were long in being returned. One time Noah would forget them at home; another time Sarah and her family would forget to get them from him. 
    Each time Sarah would see Noah, she'd tease him about the books. 
"Noah, did you bring the books?" 
This past Wednesday was no different. "Noah, you can only sit with us during dinner if you bring back my books."
But Noah's answer was surprising. "I brought them to Bible study last week."
That was interesting because she didn't have th…

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