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When Beauty Blooms // Blog Tour

I still do exist! I just don't have a lot to post about right now. Today, however, I'm super excited to share a super sweet story with you.

First, I want to talk about the cover. I thought it was gorgeous when I first saw it, but after reading the book, I also know that it's genius!! No spoilers, but each element is drawn directly from the story.

Book Synopsis
Revolutionary War Era England
Marjorie Kirk is a woman with no fortune, no prospects, no family, and no skills. Or so she thinks. She is awkward, shy, and the farthest thing from any semblance of a society lady.
The new minister keeps turning up in the most awkward of places and she can’t help but feel that her life is doomed to one of embarrassment. But will her flaws actually be the thing that others find the most attractive?
A story of a young woman with social anxiety and how she learned to bloom.

Marjorie is kind of like me. We're both shy and kind of awkward in social situations. We do better with our few c…

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