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The Strange Ways God Works

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a friend's mom saying that she had a job opportunity for me. Her neighbor works for a local jewelry store and they were going to have a booth at the city's chili cook-off and were looking for two students to staff it. A one-day deal and a fairly simple way to make some money. Okay, great!

I called the contact number and said I was in. The lady asked if I had friend who'd like to do it with me, as the second spot was still up for grabs. Let me ask around. I found a friend who was free and we were all set. 

I had several phone conversations with the contact lady and during one, she asked if I was looking for an actual job. They were looking to hire what was essentially an administrative assistant. I said, "thank you, no, I am pursuing photography," and then I jokingly said that if they wanted pictures of the jewelry, then I'd be interested. She said, "well, maybe there is something to that," but that she'd have t…

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