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Joyful Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot // Revell Reads Book Review

In our age of instant gratification and if-it-feels-good-do-it attitudes, self-discipline is hardly a popular notion. Yet it may be one of the most important lost virtues of our time. In Joyful Surrender, former missionary and beloved author Elisabeth Elliot offers her understanding of discipline and its value for people of all times. She shows readers how to

- discipline the mind, body, possessions, time, and feelings
- overcome anxiety
- change poor habits and attitudes
- trust God in times of trial and hardship
- let Christ have control in all areas of life

Elliot masterfully and gently takes readers through Scripture, personal stories, and incisive observations of the world around her to help them discover the understanding that our fulfillment as human beings depends on our answer to God's call to obedience.

Elisabeth Elliot is one of my favorite authors. I may have said that before, I'm not sure. She doesn't hold back the honest truth but her writing is so full o…

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