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K-Love Fan Awards... ON THE BIG SCREEN!

Ever since its first year, I have wanted to go to the K-Love Fan Awards. I will go one day. But for now, all those of us who don't attend get are snippets on the radio and the list of winners on K-Love's website. 

No more!

For the first time, the opening night of the Fan Awards was shown in theaters across America and it was AWESOME!!! I am so thankful for technology that makes things like this possible. I got to experience a little bit of the Fan Awards. That was not possible for the last four years. 

There were artist performances, short talks from pastors, hilarity (they gave Matthew West a microphone, what do you expect?), and, of course, service. 

Part of the Fan Awards this year was them partnering with the Military Warriors Support Foundation to help provide wounded military personnel with a home. They brought on stage two servicemen and their wives who were helped through the Fan Awards' coordination with the MWSF. 

Another really touching part was Brooke. Brooke is a l…

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