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It's A Fine, Fine Life #23

I've been including this a lot lately, but SNOW!!!! Oh my goodness, we got so much snow last week. It snowed for two days! My brothers and I got to go play in the snow with our cousins twice and had a blast.

The Olympics are going on, in case you missed that fact, and my grandparents are recording the ice skating for me. There is going to be a lot of TV watching in my future :) 

What else? Oooh! I borrowed a 50mm lens from someone at my church and I'm experimenting with that this week. It's quite a different experience. I'm pretty sure I can see a difference, but I'm going to do a test by photographing the same thing with the 50 and with my 18-55 to see the true difference. The icicle and snow pictures were taken when I had the 50mm on my camera.

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