Other People You Should Know About

I know there are tons of blogs and YouTube channels out there, all vying for your time. If I may humbly suggest that you check out these folks, I don't think you'll be disapointed.

WARNING!!! You may experience sore muscles from laughing. You may become addicted to these channels/blogs. You may have to force yourself off the internet to avoid being sucked into hours of watching videos and reading articles. You've been warned! :)

Blimey Cow - a satire YouTube channel done by former homeschoolers Josh & Jordan Taylor. Their primary show is Messy Mondays, but they also have some other shows (#AskJordan, Messyges). I also recently discovered that they have a podcast! They haven't done any episodes in a a while though. Their stuff is just hilarious!

Jordan Taylor - this is Jordan's personal channel. It's a little like this blog, in that, there isn't really one topic that he focuses on. It's usually pretty light and funny and it's just whatever he feels like talking about.

Sarah at Blackberry Morning  - I found Sarah's blog through Jordan's channel and I'm really glad I did. She shares lots of recipes for food and natural products. I make a version of the moisturizer and toner that she shared. She also has really good pictures for her posts :)

Phylicia Masonheimer + Uniquely Woman - If you have to only pick one thing off this list, I would recommend Phylicia. She has amazing insight and really articulates her points well. She gives you practical tips for living your life in a Christian way and she is very frank and honest. I am so thankful to God for this woman! She has a podcast (Uniquely Woman) that she does with another blogger, Lisa Hensley. It is a wonderful podcast. Go check them out!

Katie Gregoire - Katie is a wonderful Christian girl who's channel is a lot of advice and a lot of "what the heck is going on in this world?!" Like Blimey Cow, she often uses sarcasm (which I love :) and I frequently am cracking up, to the point where I have to pause the video because I'm laughing so hard!!!

Allie at Reckless - Allie is the only one on here that I actually know! (Although I feel like I'm friends with the other people). She doesn't post a whole lot - because, college - but when she does, it is always honest, somewhat sarcastic, and totally relatable.

Project Inspired - I'm so thankful to PI because they are how I found Phylicia and Katie!!! This is a site for Christian girls and they talk about EVERYTHING! News & current events, movies, music, funny memes, spiritual issues, dating, modesty, DIY.......


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