Descendants 2!!!!

Yesterday, my brothers and I watched Descendants 2. It came out late Friday night and we didn't have time to watch it until Monday. You know how conventional wisdom says sequels are not as good as the original? Well, in my opinion, this one is BETTER than the first one!

The reason I say that is mostly because of the music. I did not care for most of the songs in Descendants and, let's be honest, the singing and dancing are the main draw for Disney Channel movies, am I right? So the dancing was awesome, but the music, for me, just didn't stand out. I basically liked two songs. In Descendants 2 I liked the music WAY more (so far, I'm liking every song, with my least favorite being Chillin' Like A Villain). I like the character developments in this movie a lot; Ben especially seems like a better character. He's less awkward and weird. 

When the first Channel movies you saw/grew up with were High School Musical, then Camp Rock, you tend to compare everything else to that. I try not to, but it's hard because those ones are just SO GOOD! Descendants I liked, but #2 definitely has drawn me into this story more. 

It has its flaws and cheesiness, but it's cute, fun, and entertaining. As long as that's what you go in expecting, you will not be disappointed. I'm hoping they do a third one, because I'm hooked now ;)



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