10 Choices Successful Couples Make // Revell Reads Review


I am a fan of this book and it's message. The overall theme is about how love is a choice, not a feeling. That is something that is not commonly taught in our culture, even in Christian circles unfortunately, though I do think that is starting to change.

I'm not married... or engaged... or even dating anyone. But I think anyone can read this book and start formulating what it looks like to lay down your desires for someone else.

Dr. Welch presents clear "challenges" in each chapter of tangible choices you can make to improve your marriage. If you were an engaged couple or newly married, these would be choices you would want to implement from the beginning to help you start off and create a strong foundation for your marriage. I personally think this would be a great book for engaged couples.

Each chapter has activities for the couple to do and work through. I read them, though I didn't do them (obviously :) and they seemed like they stretched and challenged without being impossible.

Another huge theme that encompasses many of the choices is communication. My family has a saying (that I'm sure is not unique to us), "communication is such an important thing". Usually it gets brought out when someone has not communicated to another person as a joke or shrug off. I have seen enough of the problems that result when there is bad or no communication to know that this is an important aspect of marriage. If a couple can communicate, they can work through the activities in this book.

An excellent, excellent book. Highly recommend.


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